Is your aim to improve your return on sales? If so, standardisation and the simplification of processes can achieve instant results.

Business and management consultancy

Kolk Water Consultancy adds value to your business by improving your operational processes. It is often possible to cut costs while maintaining or even raising capacity. By standardising processes, by determining which activities can be performed in-house, and by improving operational flexibility, for example. The next step could be to automate operations.


Project management

Kolk Water Consultancy also offers consultancy services during all development stages of a water treatment system. Many companies in the water treatment sector develop tailor-made systems. By simultaneously implementing standard concepts, significant efficiency improvements may be realised.

Kolk Water Consultancy aims to increase organisational efficiency during four phases of the overall project management process:

  • design – the establishment and implementation of standardised process designs
  • engineering – the implementation of standardised engineering principles
  • build – the implementation of standardised installation concepts
  • service – the development of multiple client service levels, and the adaptation of internal processes to these service levels.


Among the methods used to assess organisational efficiency are the Mintzberg model and the Lean Six Sigma approach.



  • Support in the preparation of tenders or proposals
  • Selection of suppliers and installers (Europe and Southeast Asia)
  • Standardisation of work processes, outputs and skills
  • Preparation for ISO certification
  • Leveraging of synergies between sister companies: from strategy formulation to profit maximisation.