SMEs target three key objectives: business continuity, a healthy return on investment and steady turnover growth.

Sparring partner

Developing a strategy to achieve these objectives is a challenge in itself. One that includes assessing and, if necessary, redefining the strategy at regular intervals. Its international network and SME client-base make Kolk Water Consultancy an ideal sparring partner. Whether you’re developing a new strategy or reviewing an existing business plan, we have the experience and expertise to provide quality input.


Business plan

A strategic business plan should reflect the following:

  • Mission / Identity / What are our core values, and what do we consider important?
  • Vision / Ambition / What do we want to achieve over the coming period?
  • Strategy / How / What human and other resources will allow us to achieve our ambitions?
  • Objectives / When / Which tangible results do we target, and within which time-frame?

The Canvas Model is often used to analyse business plans.



Kolk Water Consultancy advises management on the development of strategic business plans, and is able to provide:

  • Strategic market analyses
  • An analysis of your existing market position, including suggestions for improvements
  • Support with the introduction of new products
  • Assistance with the optimisation of your organisation
  • Input with the development of synergies, the evaluation of integration projects and the assessment of hidden potential in SME company groups.