Energy and solar

Our energy needs are met from traditional as well as innovative technologies. As these technologies change, demand for process water increases.

Power stations

Traditional steam-generating power stations require demineralized water of a specific quality. In addition, further restrictions on the disposal of effluents has increased the use of waste water systems. The European market for traditional power generation has shrunk considerably in recent years, and a growing number of fossil fuel burners have been decommissioned. This trend is not evident in Asia and China. Instead, these countries have plans to build hundreds of power stations that run on coal, gas or oil.


Solar systems

Manufacturers of solar (panel) systems use demineralised water during production. They also process waste water, which often contains hydrogen fluoride (HF). At times, the waste water is so polluted that evaporation is the only solution. The residual slurry is subsequently disposed of or safely incorporated in building materials. While the quality of demineralised water is lower than that of ultrapure water (UPW), both are obtained using largely the same processes.



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