Food and Beverage

The Food & Beverage segment uses water not only as an additive, but also during production. As a result, demand in this sector is highly specific.

Several market segments

The mineral or drinking water used by the Food & Beverage industry needs to be carefully conditioned. As far as production is concerned, water also plays an important role in the generation of energy (such as steam production). Moreover, residual water needs to be purified following production, so that it can be re-used (or disposed of).


Areas of expertise

Examples of water treatment in the Food & Beverage sector:

  • Improving drinking water through, for example, decarbonation
  • Improving boiler feed water through softening
  • Reuse of rinse water, by treating it frequently and disinfecting processing systems (CIP, for example).

Kolk Water Consultancy has the expertise to provide quality support in this area.